Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Roseville Home Start serve?

Answer: Roseville Home Start serves homeless children and their families. Families are headed by a single mother, single father, both parents, or grandparents raising their grandchildren.

Does Roseville Home Start accept singles who are homeless?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not. Our mission is to transition homeless families into affordable, sustainable and permanent housing. We refer singles to The Lazarus Project, and The Salvation Army,

How long do clients stay at Roseville Home Start?

Answer: The on-site program is one year in length. At the end of the year, families receive assistance in finding suitable, affordable housing. The second year families remain under our supervision while living in their own permanent housing.

How much money does Roseville Home Start use for operations?

Answer: Roseville Home Start’s management and expenses are under 15% of its total budget. Most donated funds are applied directly to program expenses. We can only do this with extensive support from volunteers.

How many clients are living at Roseville Home Start?

Answer: We are rated as 99-bed facility with 27 housing units. This means that we can accommodate up to 30 families and some 60 to 70 children.

Who refers clients to Roseville Home Start?

Answer: Although referrals are not required for a family to apply to Roseville Home Start, clients are referred to us by local churches, Child Protective Services, the Courts, Welfare Department, EDD and similar agencies.

What is the success rate of Roseville Home Start?

Answer: The success rate is high. Ninety percent of the families that complete the program remain in permanent housing for at least one year.

Are volunteers screened?

Answer: Yes, volunteers must attend our mandatory Volunteer Training then undergo a background check as well as provide fingerprints to the Department of Justice. While this may be seen as unnecessary by some, it is a requirement to maintain the safety of our facility.

Where does your support come from?

Answer: 30% of our budget is from government grants, 35% foundations and 35% private and individual donations.

What types of volunteers do you need?

Answer: We always need educators for our GED program, tutors for our children’s Learning Center, mentors and Life Skills teachers. From time to time we have work days for moving, cleaning or small repairs and painting as well as family events such as Christmas parties, family movie nights and game days.

If I don’t have time to volunteer, how can I help?

Answer: Home Start always needs money. Grant money has become more difficult to obtain than ever. Donations are tax-deductible and we are grateful for them.

Do you accept other kinds of donations, such as furniture, vehicles, food or clothing?

Answer: We do on a limited basis. We have very little storage. If you have a vehicle in good condition and it would be acceptable for a resident or client, please call us. We also accept, from time to time, furniture that we use to assist clients moving to housing upon graduation as well as food and clothing for our residents. Please call our office to inquire about any donations that you may have. CLICK here for the donation wish list.

What is the program at Roseville Home Start?

Answer: Programs are tailored for the different needs of the families. Case management and therapy are provided, as well as many self-help opportunities. Clients are required to work if able, placed on a strict budget, required to save money for a security deposit, attend Parenting classes, and GED classes if not a high school graduate. A modest donation is also expected. Again, this is a year-long program with another year of supervision following graduation.

How do I donate to Roseville Home Start?

Answer: Please call us at (916) 782-6667 or email at Info@RosevilleHomeStart.org and we will be happy to discuss your donation with you, and provide our federal tax identification number.